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About Me

Kim Wilson is an experienced Founder and CEO, having successfully exited her SaaS start-up: Social News Desk (SND). As a former-journalist, Kim saw a problem in her own industry and solved it by creating a software company which would go on to become the worldwide leader in social media solutions for local news. In 2015, Kim led Social News Desk through an acquisition by Graham Holdings (NYSE:GHC); a public company which was founded by Katharine Graham, the first female Fortune 500 CEO. Following its acquisition, Kim remained at the helm of Social News Desk, growing revenue to 5X and launching several new products prior to exiting her role in 2023. Today, Kim manages a variety of investments and personal projects while serving as a Mentor for Startup Founders at the Atlanta Tech Village.


Entrepreneurship runs in the family as Kim and her husband, Geoff have founded and invested in dozens of startups. The couple met while students at the University of Florida and now live in Midtown Atlanta with their three children.


Journalists pivot extremely well. We are never in love with our own ideas. It's something which has served me extremely well as the founder of a start-up.

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